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Pricing Package

Face Procedures

Chin Augmentation
Eyelid Surgery
DOT Therapy
Brow Lift
$ 170

Body Procedures

Tummy Tuck
Mommy Makeovers
Body Contouring
Cool Sculpting
$ 250

Breast Procedures

Breast Augmentation
Breast Lift
Breast Reduction
Breast Reconstruction
Male Breast Reduction
$ 320


Our Procedures

Sauna Relax $80
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Hand & Feet $160
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Breast Augmentation $3500
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Plumping thin lips $755
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Smooth brow furrows $355
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Rejuvenate hands $230
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Smoothing out chin creases $450
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Dr. Christian Santander Becerra

Expertos en oído, nariz y garganta. Tu salud, nuestra prioridad.

Nariz, oído y garganta: nuestra experiencia, tu tranquilidad.



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Enfermedades tratadas


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Trastorno del sueño

Microcirugía láser de laringe

Cirugía endoscópica nasal

Cirugía nasal funcional y estética


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